Give Me Mora!

Give Me Mora!:
In case you don't know her, multi-talented, muti-media, multi-nationed (Cuban-American) admirable artist and person, Elsa (Elsita) Mora, has a special way with paper cuts. It's one of the many types of materials she uses to create her tiny treasures.Today, I'd like to share with you a hybrid she's just made, she's always inventing ingenious new things. She's taken paper silhouette, the size of which may too small to consider, and smashed the arrangement into rolled out polymer clay, baked it, and then once cured, hit the surface relief with a white patina to terrific effect. She said she plans to embellish it further with beads for a cameo, but I like the minimal state it's in as well. Keep her on your Etsy like list. She occasionally posts some of her darling wearable art pieces for sale there.UPDATE:: It is even more clever of her than I thought! Elsa just spilled the beans today that it isn't the cut pieces of paper you see composed up there on the clay. No. She has smartly taken rather the NEGATIVE space of the cut and rolled it onto the surface of the clay. Her step-by-step, sweetly answering all our questions is here.

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