Prompt Challenges

Prompt Challenges:

The Exquisite PromptRecently I ran across a phrase new to me, prompt challenge, on this blog. The “challenge” is to create something based on a regularly scheduled prompt or idea. I poked around and found some other challenges

I’m sure there’s lots more…. I’ve been thinking I’d like to motivate myself to do a quick something each week. So every Monday I’ll use the “word of the day” on to inspire a book, haiku, collage …. for that week. The following Monday I’ll post a picture of whatever I’ve done. Hopefully I can keep it up most of the year!

If you’d like to play along, the first word is truss, to tie, bind, or fasten. There are more meanings here, for instance, in horticulture it means “a compact terminal cluster or head of flowers growing upon one stalk.”

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