Mix and Match Books

Mix and Match Books:

mix-match-pres.jpgAs I embark on my prompt challenge, I’ve been taking note of interesting book structures that I can use. I’m not sure if this one has a name, other than “mix and match.” Each page is cut into 3 parts, horizontally, so that new pages can be composed by the reader. Most examples I’ve seen build new creatures from a head, torso and legs/feet.

The one to the left is called Build Your Own President and they say “Let your fingers do the voting. Flip the panels of this mix-and-match book to create your own presidential candidate from the smoldering wreckage of the current field. Combine Perry’s great hair with Newt’s humility and Bachmann’s progressive social policies. 1,000 possibilities in total. Just don’t expect to find a good one.”

There’s also an online version {first seen on boing-boing}

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